Update Summer 2019.

I just spent the last 4 months working for one of the largest tech companies in the world. It was a truly alienating and depressing experience. I signed a million NDA’s so can’t talk too much about it – other than it was working on Natural Language Processing. On the plus side, I learnt some cool things about AI, on the negative, being in a super monitored pressured and monitored environment was pretty dehumanizing.  Being inside one of the biggest machine entities has really made me question the pervasiveness of algorithmic thinking, particularly the lack of awareness of algorithmic interference in our daily lives.

The promise is better living through technology, but my overall impression of the reality is the illusion of choice in a coded environment to direct/control human behaviour.

Anyway, I’m free from the tyranny of Megacorp, and bursting at the seems with ideas for new work. I’m living in a rural seaside town in Ireland and taking the time to draw things out.

As always, I’m pushing my own boundaries in terms of making and this is equally exciting and nauseating. Sometimes, I look at the work of my peers, and see an unbroken line of experimentation – and I am envious! The consistency and pursuit to a particular style/material/theme… the mastery! So, I’m going to try to focus my energy a bit more and refine the overall theme of my work this year. I’m also going to push myself with different media.





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