Conversation with Kim Rasmussen

Kim Rasmussen is a herbalist who works at the community health clinic in Christiania. He lived in Christiania previously and currently lives off site. I had planned on talking with him about the health provision inside of Christiania, but our conversation soon turned to the purpose of the residency and what I hope/d to achieve.

He expressed support for the Gardening group and their work fighting against invasive species as part of the requirements of normalisation. Like Jorgen, he had legitimate and proven concerns about soil quality and we discussed the high levels contamination. We discussed the dual nature of Pusher St and the Contamination.

Both Pusher St and the contamination of the soil, despite being real dangers to the Christianian’s and their way of life, have also prevented development on the site. The levels of Cadmium and other heavy metal contamination from the site’s past as a military barracks, have acted as a major deterrent for developers who wanted to build homes, but won’t because of the criminal and environmental factors.

We talked about the small but fertile plant bed in the clinic’s garden, and I talked about doing some soil sampling in the future to assess the levels of contamination in the garden.

I explained that I’m not a scientist, but an artist researcher who is interested in promoting and creating citizen science projects and innovative ways of science communication, but he was interested in the idea of having some idea of the toxicity because he occasionally eats the ripened figs from the clinic garden.